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Red 50/50 Raffle Tickets

Item Code: 400687
2 Reviews
 roll of 1000
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50-50 raffle tickets are a step up from the classic double raffle ticket. These tickets are design especially for 50 50 raffle drawings and are twice the size of classic raffle tickets. Each ticket is individually numbered and each roll is consecutively numbered.
2 Reviews
By Diane
West Los Angeles, CA
August 16, 17
Verified Buyer
Great advertisement for your raffle
Great advertisement for your 50/50 raffle. I just wished the perforation was a little bit better. It took some time to tear especially when you have a line of people buying tickets.
Great advertisement for a 50/50 raffle
The perforation and the paper the tickets were printed on need to be a little better quality then they will be easier to tear. I know it is possible because I have tickets that were a tad bit cheaper and they tear with such ease. I wanted these because they said 50/50.
By Bill
November 14, 16
Verified Buyer
50/50 Raffle Tickets
What can I say; they're Red, they're 50/50 Tickets! Price was the best I could find for the product. Shipping was quick. I have ordered 50/50 tickets for events in the past and I will most likely order them again! Thank you Party Supplies Delivered! Bill