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Black Metal Venetian Mask

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No masquerade ball is complete without some beautiful masquerade masks to go with it. Whether you are dressing up for your school prom or homecoming or just having a great Mardi Gras or carnival party to celebrate, you can't go wrong with our great selection of venetian masks, masquerade half masks, deluxe metal half masks or any of our full face masquerade masks. With selections of masks from as low as $2 each we definitely have the right Mardi Gras mask for you. We also have a great color selection to match whatever color you may be wearing at your masquerade ball. from brown to sky blue we have a wide variety of masquerade mask colors to fit your needs. Our collection of metal venetian masks can only be beat if you traveled to Italy. Our metal half masks are laser cut and have very detailed designs from swans to butterflies to traditional venetian mask designs. Whether you want 1 or 1000 Mardi Gras half masks we have what you are looking for. Be sure to order this mask early as it takes one full business day for order processing.
1 Reviews
By Corrynn
Abilene, TX
April 11, 12
Verified Buyer
Gorgeous Mask!
I love this mask! I plan to use it for both a banquet and a party I'm hosting in a couple months. It is absolutely beautiful. The metal is thin, light and durable, but also a little bendable for minor corrections if needed. It does rest a lot on your nose though, and it makes your face feel kind of odd once you take it off. Not an uncomfortable feeling, but almost like you feel it's still there. A ghost effect, if you will. The picture did make it look like there'd be some sort of white lining on the inside, but there is none. I was not disappointed at this because I didn't want the lining, but it can still be misleading. I also thought the ribbons would be a better quality; although they seem sturdy, I personally don't find them aesthetically pleasing. Still, they do their job quite well; I've found the ribbons will stay tied for long periods of time. From far away the mask looks very solid, but you can tell it has some detail. Close up it has a delicate, feminine look, almost like lace. I hope to find more use for this mask in the future! Just beautiful!
Good Value, Durable, Attractive Design, Easy To Use, Fun