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Gold Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece

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Are you looking for impressive decorations for your graduation party? We've got you covered at Party Supplies Delivered. We suggest using our Gold Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece. It features fifteen inches of celebration, a grad cap glittered top with posable grad strands, and the ability to double as a balloon weight. Crafted from durable foil, the centerpiece is guaranteed to make it through the duration of your party – no matter how long it lasts. The Gold Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece is perfect for the summer season and comes in gold finish. This festive centerpiece will serve as eye-candy for your friends, family, coworkers, and guests – adding to the entertainment your party already provides. Make your life a little easier by adding Gold Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece to your shopping list today. Need even more decorations? We've got the goods.