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Silver Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece

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Have you forgotten to purchase decorations for your graduation party? Don't worry! For a festive party, we suggest our Silver Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece. This impressive centerpiece will prove beneficial to your party planning and enjoyment. Crafted from durable foil, the centerpiece will serve its purpose for the duration of your party – if not longer. The Silver Graduation Cap Foil Centerpiece will help your party look, and feel, the part. It comes in a silver finish, featuring fifteen inches of celebration, a grad cap glittered top with posable grad strands, and the ability to double as a balloon weight. We've found the centerpiece works best during the summer season. Your friends, family, coworkers, and guests will appreciate the view – and you'll appreciate the convenience. Looking for even more party decorations? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Party Supplies Delivered today.